Our Team

Led by Edna F. Kameleki, our staff is a collection of experienced committed, dedicated and passionate individuals who are self driven to ensure we attain not only our vision but also what our mission states with maximum satisfaction for the clients

Director Lecri consult

Edna F. Kamaleki (Adv.)

Managing Director and Child Rights Consultant
Bachelor of Laws from University of Dar es Salaam and Masters Programme on Development Policy and Practices for Civil Societies at Bradford University, UK in collaboration with Mzumbe She also participated in different international short and long courses with certificates in different themes; Conflict Management at Copenhagen University by Miro Global Consult, Child Rights and Governance, Child Participation, Child Protection, Programme Development, Human Rights, Gender and Advocacy skills. She has more than ten years working experience in Child Rights, Governance, Child Protection, Child Participation, Human Rights and Gender. Edna has also rubbed shoulders and worked with different international and reputable agencies like, UN Agency (UNHCR), UNICEF, International Civil Society Organization (Save the Children International), National Government Organizations (REDESO, C-SEMA, TCRF, TAWASANET, TAWLA)



Makubi A. Makubi (Adv.)

Litigation Consultant
Makubi Kunju Makubi is an Advocate of the High Court and courts subordinate thereto since the 15th December, 2006 with Bachelor of Laws Degree (LLB Honours) from the University of Dar es Salaam in 2004. He is an Active member of the Tanganyika Law Society, the East Africa Law Society as well as the SADC Lawyers Association for more than nine years. . Since his admission as an Advocate in 2006, Mr. Makubi has been an active counsel in various legal fields with extensive experience in litigation (both civil and criminal in Subordinate courts, High Court and Court of Appeal); banking and finance, corporate and commercial law. In his experience as an advocate, apart from dealing with individuals and different firms, he has has also worked with/and or handled matters of various reputable institutions ie ; Bank of Tanzania, TANESCO, Consolidated Holding Corporation, Peoples Bank of Zanzibar, Tanzania China Friendship Textiles Company Limited

Generally, Mr Makubi is Multidisciplinary, skilful team player, active and open minded, ready to work within tight deadlines and adoptive to various working conditions.


Peter Sitta

Media and Mass Communication
BA - Mass communication- St. Augustine University B.SC. General Agriculture from Sokoine University. Post Graduate Diploma in Economic Diplomacy at the Tanzania-Mozambique Center for Foreign Relations, Dar es Salaam. He Skilled in Report writing, Sign Language, Project management and facilitation Sitta Peter has more than ten years of experience in communication, advocacy, and development arena. He has particularly extensive experience in media, public relation, communication, advocacy, and awareness raising duties. He has worked with several media houses, local (national) and international organisations, implementing different projects and collaborating with communities, local and central government authorities.

Supporting Team


Vedasto Christopher Nyatega

Legal and Operations Officer
Vedasto Nyatega is a Bachelor of laws holder from Ruaha Catholic University-Iringa with diverse experiences in Child Rights, Legal Research, Human Rights, Labour Rights, Land Rights, Gender, Taxation, Corporate Accountability, Environmental Justice and Performance of Regulatory Authorities

Venitha Bishanga

Administration and Programme Officer
Venitha Bishanga has a Bachelor degree of Development Studies from Dodoma University. She has experiences in community and Social works, Research, Gender, Human Rights, Communication skills, democratization and conflict

Michael Valentine Mallya

Public Relations and Advertising Manager
Michael an accomplished Public Relations and Advertising Manager, specialized in media relations management, marketing as well as brand management. He is gifted with knowledge of languages both English and Kiswahili which he uses as essential tools in creating appealing messages. Apart from that, he is also a good creator of info graphic materials like newsletters, brochures and posters, ranging from compiling stories to designing. He aslo a tech savvy who knows how integrated communication can be useful in bringing about the expected deliverables in a company or organization. Michael has a good working experience with the Legal and Human Rights Centre has sharpened his communication abilities in non-profits but his profession allows him to do marketing communication as well as other public relations functions.